VMW Business Matters

VMW has two business functions:



Membership is a matter of processing requests for membership and issuing membership cards.  It operates on the membership dues collected.  We give away free first year membership and we discount our Life members dues, so, we operate membership slightly in the red.  Membership is also a matter of chartering Chapters. We charter chapters because that is what VMW is really all about.  it is about you having a veterans organization at your town.  So, VMW is about you, and not about those of us that work at the National Office.

Bookkeeping is about keeping track of the dues and the gifts that come in.  It is about filing our IRS papers.  It is about maintaining the bank account and paying bills.   We have a book keeper.  It’s not a lot of work.  If anybody wants the Treasurer job and the bookkeeping job they can have it.  Jean and Joe and me put money in when we need it.  Joe and Jean put in the most.  VMW doesn’t have any big donors.  If you know of somebody that wants to donate, put them in touch with me.  We have some consistent small donors.  Thanks folks, for chipping in.  It helps my morale.